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Then they reached home. Ravi’s grandpa, grandmom, and mom were waiting outside. Then Raji got out and grandpa sat in the front with a serious look. ...aji went and greeted the other ladies as Ravi loaded the car with the gifts.Soon Raji and Lakshmi waved to them as Ravi and his grandparents started for the wedding. Ravi looked at the rear mirror and could see both his mother and aunt giggling while going inside. He started to get a boner thinking about what the sluts were about to do, but was. She could have cum and cum, and even then, she felt somehow unsatisfied. Her climax only left her wanting MORE! God, what was wrong with her? She could barely control herself. She felt like grabbing the first man she saw and thrusting her scalding pussy into his face or onto his big hard cock!! Oh, if only Chris were here, she bemoaned, I'd do anything he wanted -- I'd suck his cock, even let him fuck me! No -- what am I saying! God help me!The two matrons halted their conversation in midair. Goodbye."As Robin made his way onto the platform at Cannon Street the following evening his mobile rang. It was Daphne."I'm on the train, Daddy, and have bagged you a seat: second carriage from the front." Thanks, Daphne. See you in a couple of minutes."Daphne greeted him with a hug and a kiss and they both sat down."Thanks for doing that, poppet, otherwise we'd have been separated."She smiled at him. "I'm not the most popular girl on the train. Several people gave me a dirty look." You may not. Mai dosre room ke bath room ki chhuti se windo se dekhne laga. Gani ne sana ko shawar ke niche leta dia or garam pani khuldia pani ke chhete lagte hi sana ko jalan hui or osne apni tange band karli kuch der bad tange khuli or 20 mint tak chut ki sikai ki pher gani ose wapis bed par lake leta dia or khud nanga hi room se bhar chala gaya kuch der bad woh wapis aya to oske hath mai doodh ka glas tah jismai shaed haldi dali hui thi or sana ko pene ka kha sana ne mana kia to osne zabrdsti ose.

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