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My wife and I have been married for a few year now. Sex has always been awesome. Everyday and every night we always try to do something a little bit d...fferent and kinky. We record and take photos of ourselves while having sex, we have toys, we role play (she loves doctor examines why I have a small penis and I like to playing a perverted massage ther****t), we've done outdoor sex, I let her fulfill her public flashing fetish (she loves to reveal her naughty bits whenever we go out of town), and. "They had too much. We have to suck out the excess milk. Do what I do."Cindy opened her mouth and put the co-pilot’s cock in her mouth. Nervously, Sindy reached up and took out the captain's. It was hard in her hand. She gently took his testicles from his pants as well and cupped them in her hands. "It really is a magic lever," thought Sindy.Seeing how urgently her sister sucked at the co-pilot, Sindy put her mouth around the head of the captain’s cock and began to bob her head up and down in. I put my mouth in her pussy. I pressed her against the wall and started to suck her. She got an orgasm and ejaculated it over my face. She burst out laughing. I was on my knees. She bent downwards. She started rubbing off the juices with her boobs. She then licked my entire face with her tongue. We hugged.Again, I turned on the shower. She looked at me, gave me a naughty smile and started kissing me.Next day, I woke up feeling something unusual. I opened my eyes and everything was blurred. I. ..fine...(pant)...good...pleeeaaase don't (pant)...don't stop please." "Not even started yet, girl. I'm gonna rock your pussy like never before. Hold on tight." Her words were cutting straight into my brain, she was making me cum with words. I was not working myself into and orgasm at this point, I was doing all I could to hold back from an orgasm. She returned to her duties of seducing my pussy with a passion now. She pushed into me a little deeper with the one finger which was now joined by.

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