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He had arms that were muscled like a blacksmith's, and a well trimmed beard. In that, he was a little behind the times, as beards had been going out o... style for several years, but my father was no follower of fashion. His overalls were held up by their straps over an off-white long-sleeved shirt made of muslin.He was sitting at his workbench, with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. And though he teased me as he greeted me, his piercing eyes were telling me he wasn't fooled, that he knew that. Your heart is beating like a dream, your breathing rapid and light. Then, gently, I take you by the hand, leading you to the bed.I lay you gently on your back. 'You are a fantasy come true' I whisper in your ear, 'I want to give you such pleasure, to make you moan with ecstasy. I am going to explore your body inch by inch and then take you for my own'. You quiver with anticipation over what this will mean, your body is alive and aching for satisfaction. You desire release of the tension. She was getting sexual experience too, and learning how to please a man. It was hard at first accepting that she was having sex with other people besides me, but after a while it added an exciting new dynamic to our relationship.She had a healthy, open attitude towards sex and loved to flirt and experiment with as many guys as possible. When I met her, she was in a competition with her friends to see who could get the most action. Her friend with a massive set of tits was always in the lead,. Five minutes before Boris was due to pick me up; I had an enprint-sizedpicture of the entire shoot because I simply couldn't make up my mind. Ialso had half-a-dozen framed portraits, there was one that wasexceptional, my hair had looked like a halo and the suggestion of a smileon my face made the shot perfect and I ordered a couple of pictures ofthe stocking top shot in portrait size but unframed. I won't mention thebill but he asked me if he could use the portrait picture. "I would liketo.

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