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“I hope that you know that I feel the same way about you, but I don’t want to verbalize it until things get a bit clearer for me. I think that bei...g with you and Katie at the same time will do that for me.”“I was hoping the same thing,” she admitted. “If you can love and interact with your little sister as you have always done, and still demonstrate your love and desire for me, I think we’ll have turned a corner that we need to turn pretty soon.”“Why pretty soon?” he asked.“Because I don’t want. When fingertips reached inside his boxers and gently extracted his suddenly very erect shaft, he damn near jumped off the couch. Long, thick, silky hair began caressing his skin. Moments later, soft lips encircled the head of his stiff cock and down the shaft until its entire length had been enveloped in the moist, perfect warmth of a loving mouth.He moaned with pleasure, opened his eyes and watched the lips making slow, sensuous trips up and down his shaft. Bob didn't move and wasn't even sure. She loved to go without a bra, the friction between her inch long nipples and the fabric of her blouse was a real turn on. With each step she took, she could feel the caressing of her nipples as they slid across the inside of her top.As Jodie drew in another breath filled with the scents of the club, she could feel a tingling deep between her legs. It was hard for her to keep from slipping her hand inside her short skirt and bringing herself to that peak of pleasure that she had felt so many. I looked around and saw a small card in the drawer next to the bed.The card read, “high-class escort services.” It was just what I wanted.I called the number and spoke to a pleasant-sounding woman on the phone. She asked me some very specific questions and got precise truthful answers in return. I was told that my “girlfriend” for the night would arrive within half an hour.I took the time to shower and get ready for my guest. I put on my best cologne and dressed in my casual but smart clothes..

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