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The Nun's were wearing long black habits,veils and white coifs ;they wore thick black straps around their waists and one Nun held a school ruler in he... hands.Aisling noticed that this Nun had a slight smile on her lips. "Look at this," John said. Aisling stood next to him and both leaned over to look at the little silver medal in a glass case. "It's beautiful,what is it?" Aisling inquired."It says it's a School Attendance Medal," John replied ,reading the little card next to the medal.Both John. Jamie laid there, pleasantly surprised at my new found courage. She shifted so she was laying properly on the bed. I stroked the cock and felt it pressing on my clit with each pump and looked at her with a sexy smolder. She was playing with her tit, watching me. It made me feel sexy beyond belief which just boosted my libido and ego more. I climbed up between her spread legs and got on my knees in front of this beauty worth praying to. I couldnt resist a quick taste before I started fucking. "Holy shit!" I choked as the fire burned down my throat. Everybody laughed and started talking about the family tradition of 'having a glass' at special occasions. Matt explained that they made it themselves and kept it in the freezer, then he slapped me on the back and reminded me that I had Sara's share to take care of. Through tearing eyes I downed the second one. I could feel my whole body getting warm immediately. I grinned and Matt continued saying that the whole family gets a shot at. I felt her pull apart my lower lips and trace her tongue along my pussy. I probably gave away the clue of how horny I was, feeling a pool of my own juices beneath me. "Please Danielle," I whimpered. "I need you inside me."She responded, delving her tongue into my pussy. As she tongue fucked me I raised my pussy to her face, thrusting in time with her tongue. Hearing the sloshing sound of her tongue plunging into my wetness made me wild, as I reached forward blindly and then pressed her head.

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