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I notice her running inside, so I discretely slide inside after her. Everyone is outside and occupied. I see she went down to her room. As I head down...the stairs, she starts heading back out. I block her path and grab her by the waist, put her against the wall, and put my tongue down her throat. I take her hand and put it on my throbbing cock. She gives it a good squeeze as I walk and kiss her back into her room and close the door.I get her near her bed and undo her bikini bottom and start to. It was a fairly narrow kitchen with a window overlooking the garage above the sink, so we could see Kyle and Bill. One other time Bill had let slip that things weren't all the time great between them, so I asked how things were going, trying to be casual about it.'What do you mean, things are fine' she said very curtly, looking deeper into the dishpan and turning a little pink. I took a chance and walked up behind her and put my hand gently on her ass.'You know what I mean'She looked up very. "You like that black cock don't you Larry?," Mark sneered. I didn't reply as he again questioned, "You like my black cock in your mouth don't you boy?" This time he twisted harder on my nipple as I nodded up and down, my mouth filled with his cock. "Tell me then, tell me what you like." "I like your cock in my mouth," I replied removing his dick now dripping with my saliva. Mark took his dick in his hand and rubbed it across my face, pressing it against my lips, continuing to taunt me, telling. " She said still laughing."Oh, there is an ugly one?" I asked still laughing myself."Well I don't include myself in that statement" she said and blushed a little."Oh you are not to look after my every need?" I asked her "Because you are definitely beautiful." I stated.She blushed even redder all the way down her chest, "Thank you, and yes we are all here to cater to your needs." Well I hope I will not be too much of a burden on you." I said."I don't think you can, I have done my research and I.

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