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I bet her husband must have a great time with her before he passed away. She signalled me to get on track as her den is ready, I just saw her pussy it...was pulsating with juices, pink in colour as she had cleaned the hairs for me, I kept me dick at the entrance of hole and started teasing her, I wanted to test and still arouse her for the game play, she was aroused that while I was teasing her, she pushed me aside and came on top of me started riding me completely. She was good rider.I guess. She pressed her warm, sleek inner thighs tight against his cheeks. Her eyes burned into his, her fingers clutching the cushion with eagerness.Robert leaned forward, kissing his mother's stomach just above the line of her cunt hair. He licked her flesh with the tip of his tongue. Denise pressed at his head, trying to shove his mouth to her glowing cunt.Robert resisted her effort, licking at her flesh, tasting her, his hands caressing her hips and down to her ass. He cupped the cheeks of his. Me, I was cumming. The couple probably knew what I had done, I really didn't care. I was feeling too good enjoying the sexual release after seeing such a sexy sight. I think the woman kept looking up at me, it was hard to tell for sure, she had on sunglasses that prevented me from telling exactly where she was looking but I think she was watching me.Well, you know where I went to the next day, right? Bingo, the same spot. I slogged up the dune and, as I neared the top, stealthily peeked over.. "Matt and I have been fooling around for a while," she said. "We've never fucked, but we've done just about everything else."My mouth hung open in shock. "But...the socks..." We masturbate together sometimes," he said, getting into the bed with us. "Most of the time I cum on her, but sometimes I still use the sock. I guess it excited me to know that you were washing them and knew that I was filling them with cum."I felt his hands touch me, on my sides and on my thighs. It felt so good to have.

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