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I put up an ad on craigslist and gave out the room number. But setting up times and availability was difficult because I didn't have a computer in th... room. So the front desk constantly was connecting me to "different" guys. After being drilled deep by 2 guys I decided to go for ice in my fishnet no panties slut outfit. My ass was gaped and sloppy and I was still horny as hell so walking the hall feeling the slop between my ass cheeks was mmmmmmmm and exciting. Well, after getting the ice. If you wish."Her eyes welled with tears. "And the hair?" A test," he shrugged. "I needed to be sure. And I had to change a part of you that was so fundamental that there could be no doubt that I could make other changes as well. The hair seemed to be the best thing to try."God, it was hard," he said. "I couldn't relax for an instant. As soon as I did it went blond again. I tried other colors, too," he said, eyes twinkling. "You looked very nice with black hair. Kind of like Morticia. I put my face close and watched her pee, Laura was reaching under me and playing with my balls. As she finished pissing I licked the drops off her large pussy lips. it tasted good.Back on the sofa I eased my cock into jenny with laura watching and rubbing her clit. Jenny groaned as I entered her and her pussy was so warm and surprisingly tight. after a few minutes I entered laura while jenny went behind me and cupped my balls as I fucked her friend, then put her finger in my bumhole. I. ” I whispered. “Let's do it. I want to suck his cock while you're fucking my pussy. I want to feel your hot cum drip out of me when he comes on my face, and I want you to see that I'm your little slut.” If there was ever a time I could have cum without anything touching my cock, it would have been that moment. I couldn't breathe. Nick stepped into the tent and moved to the side of the bed. He slid his shorts down to expose his cock again as it bobbed in front of your face, waiting for.

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