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She said I am so sorry Daddy I should have told you about Mom cheating. Joan walks in and says how are you doing John. He said my sholder hurts like h...ll and I feel weak. Joan asks Alice to please leave the room while she changes her Dads bandages. When she left the room, Joan said John you almost blead to death. That asshole doctor Malcom Johnson stabbed you in an artery, but you got him in the balls with the stun gun. John and you need to know Betty has been fucking all the black doctors in. I… I’m sorry I ran. Sorry I couldn’t face it. I feel so selfish, I should have been her for you…’ Kate hugged Phoenix closer. ‘It’s okay, I know how much it hurt. You did what you had to do. I’m just glad you came back.’ Kate pulled away slightly and gave Phoenix a curious look. ‘Why did you choose now to come back? It’s been months… we were worried about you.’ Phoenix dried her eyes as a small smile came over her face. She pulled Kate to her feet and started walking back towards the parking. He is good. I have had him once and he is fabulous. Not like our dry and tired curd rice eating husbands. This guy is full of red blood”. We both laughed out loud.By 10 am, the doorbell rang. We had by then spread freshly washed bedsheets on the king-sized bed in the bedroom, sprayed room fresheners, put on the dim light and music and switched on the air conditioner.Padma opened the door and there he was – a hunk of a specimen, about 28 years of age, with freshly chiselled muscles from the gym.. . I was now aged to perfection and did not back away from any my sexual desires, I acknowledged the fact that these younger boys really turned me on... in ways an adult men could never achieve.By Friday, my husband Peter was off to a trip with his employer, along with him went his friend Adrian, the husband of my oldest cousin Chantae, I was to spend a week by myself... I had just ended my day shift from work, and at 3 PM I was free, I gathered my purse and headed out the door, saturated in.

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