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Behind you was a fountain that stood in the middle of the circular driveway. _Man, _you think to yourself, Dad really went all out on this place...Lug...age in hand, you walk up to the door, knocking loudly on it. After a few moments, it swings open, the bright, smiling face of your mother the first thing in your sight. Even now, well into her forties, she looked good as she did over a decade ago. She put a lot of work into keeping her body healthy, and it showed. She wrapped her arms around you. Now hard I looked down at Max’s dick in aw, afraid that it wouldn’t fit. Horny as hell I got down on my hands and knees on the floor. Max got up wagging his tail as he came over to me. I shook my ass at him and he started to sniff and lick my ass. All of a sudden Max mounted me. I was surprised on how heave Max was and how I was pined down. I was using most of my strength just to keep my head up. All of a sudden I could fell his cock rub against my butt crack. I moved my hand down and guided. Jake reacted to the pressure from her teeth as if he had been hit with a jolt of electricity, bucking slightly and twitching, then he groaned with pleasure as her soft lips and warm, moist mouth consumed his dick again.After another five minutes or so I decided it was time to mount up, so I sat up and went to step over Mel, but as I did so Jake pulled his cock out of her mouth and Melanie got to her knees, as they both realized what I was doing. Jake crawled to the centre of the bed and sat on. "I sat down reluctantly. "That just puts the problem off. The trouble's still there. We need to come up with a plan and get him help fast."This whole thing had me turned upside-down. I couldn't imagine life without my brother and I'd do whatever it took to help him, even if it meant moving in with them and watching him every second of the day. Even Grace in my face all that time was better than losing Tom.Grace took a deep breath. "I've thought of a plan. One that will get him out of this.

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