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It was afternoon and we were on the bed naked, I had been away for two weeks and was catching up on Sues exploits with Ben. Sue was playing with herse...f dipping her fingers deep into her vagina and then buzzing herself with a vibrator I had a throbbing erection but she had tied my hands behind my back so that I couldn't wank myself but I hoped that she would be kind to me soon.Sue withdrew her fingers, looked at them, saw that they were coated with her juices reached across and touched them to. But she didn't resist as, wordlessly, he took her hand and led her toward the stairs. Her tormented mind did not want to make love, but her lonely body needed him desperately. She held back as he started to climb the stairs to their bedroom."What's wrong, Laura?" Bill asked, turning to her."Nothing... I... there's just so much I have to talk to you about..." Can't it wait?" Bill smiled suggestively.Laura paused, gazing up into her husband's eyes. "I love you, darling," she finally said."And, I. . um...” The husband. Beatrice could see the subtle twinkle of a ring on his finger, and the woman’s.A couple in their early thirties, wearing nice clothes and nice perfume and nice cologne. Beatrice could smell just the touch of it mixed with alcohol.“Julias, come on, they’re – nng!” Her man didn’t stop. He only started to finger her harder, until the noise of sloshing flesh was audible. They could probably hear every splash of her juices on Julias’s palm.She looked at them. They looked at. Helen, too, saw stars as her climax reached a crescendo and her nails dug little arcs into her son's back as she thrashed on the bed underneath him. Finally, their mutual orgasm began to ebb, and Mark let go of his mother's legs and slid off to the side, utterly drained. Mother and son wrapped themselves in each other's arms as a peaceful sleep began to descend on them. Mark awoke from a pleasant dream lying on his side with a huge erection wedged between his mother's legs. Glancing over his.

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