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She looked at me and said who was more cute and I was not expecting this. I thought for a moment and said obviously her daughter….She smiled and sai... very smart. Then she told her maid to take her daughter to the garden and she will join in a while and I was happy….. No one else was there at home. Then she got up and came to me and directly sat in my lap…… Ohhh man I was surprised and going crazy both at the same time!!!! She said all this should not go out of this room… I said sure as even I. I woke earlier and make me ready to be there at a sharp time and I almost there at time and ring a call to her. She said that she will come only in afternoon and asked me to come to her flat. I readily accepted her invitation and thanked god for the chance and make some plan to try my luck. I went to her come it was a 1BHK flat and it was small one I knock the door and she was in her nighty my god my mouth was wide open by the sight I examined her body with my eyes one can see her breast shape. “Long. How are things, wow Buffy when you said this place was big I didn’t expect it to be this big! So where’s Giles?” They started to make their way down the steps that led into the reception hall. “Giles is teaching English Lit to the remaining SIT’s, many have gone home for Christmas.” “Giles is teaching now, no way,” Dawn’s face was of total amazement. “Yes way. Giles teaches both English Lit and language and then all of the studies that a slayer has to do. We have two other tutors that. His hands were soon replaced by his lips, kissing a trail around her body that caused her hips to arch with the need to feel more of him. Her need was unlike anything she had ever experienced. The restraints held her open and exposed, the blindfold prevented her from seeing the intent on her husbands face as he planned his next strategic move. Her senses were heightened to a level that no woman should ever go without experiencing. Her mind was reeling with ideas of what could come next. She.

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