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"Yes I do, now put your hand down girl and straighten your skirt.. yourstocking tops are showing."I lower my hand and fiddle with my skirt, knowing useless, thenstraighten to continue paying attention to the briefing."We have zero tolerance of skiving, gossiping or otherwise wastingcompany time here, do you understand sissies?"We all chorus, "Yes Ma'am." Therefore, each of you will have an ankle chain connecting you to yourchair, to stop you skiving off and gossiping with your little. "You will get six stokes of the cane on your ass - and as you are in the perfect position for that now. Then we will turn you onto your back for three strokes on your tits, then pull your legs over your head and secured with your legs spread for the coup de grace - one stroke on your wide open cunt and clitoris. How does that sound?" Excruciating!" whimpered Lori.There are three of us here, and we will all cane your ass twice and your tits once. I will cane your cunt. Being a woman I know best. Lorna and the others have definitely made life so much easier for me there and have been rocks, but they can never take your place, okay?’ Anna nodded and Vicky gave a loud sniff. The other two girls turned to her in surprise and saw her pretending to wipe a tear off her face, ‘I’m sorry, you guys are like a beautiful rom-com. It’s all so happy and sad especially with the mature ending.’ Kainene rolled her eyes as Anna hit Vicky over the head with a cushion, ‘Oh Naff off, you stupid old cow.’. I walked into a crowded bar and went straight for the counter. The barmaid was a stunning 20 something lady. She had shoulder length blond hair, a white shirt with a tight black skirt. I raised my hand to ask for a drink and before I could even talk, she turned around to greet me.“Hey, hot stuff, what drink would tickle your fancy?”I returned her smile with my own and asked for a whisky before sitting down right in front of herShe was out of my league but everything from the side glances she.

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