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Just as I was on the brink of cumming, I heard a knock at my door. I quickly jumped up to answer it as I felt my pussy juices dripping down my thigh. ...s soon as I opened the door, Mick said in a low, husky tone, "You're getting fucked hard tonight you little horny slut."I opened my mouth to speak, but he put his hand over my mouth. "You're my slave tonight. You speak when I tell you to."I was so fucking turned on I couldn't believe it. Jim shut the door as Mick dragged me to the bedroom. "Get. I was training a batch and I was asked to use the recreation room for training the batch as no other training room was available. One day I walked into the room I saw few girls sitting there I started chatting with my trainees and on a topic one of the girl also jumped in and started talking . She was a cute looking girl .We passed a friendly smile to each other and she continued with her work .Next day while coming to the room for training in the nearby bay same girl was sitting there . There. I was frightened n pleaded her not to tell. Then she said if u listen to me I will not tell. I agreed. She said stay away from Nisha, I said ok. Then she said u need to do what I say. I was victim of blackmail again; she said to close the door. I was curious n then she called me near n opened buttons of her nightie, now I could see her big boobs n she said to press them, I happily agreed, she hugged me. I was much shorter than her. Then she took me to the bedroom n made me to lick her pussy. It. The two were going at it like teenagers in a movie theater. She started to blush in the dark. And her pussy started to tingle a little. The embarrassment was starting to become a turn on for her. What kind of a freak was she? Jenny started to gently rub herself under her blanket as she spied on the couple out of the corner of her eye. Eventually, the making out turned into heavy grinding. In no time, Kelly was naked, and Matt’s cock was sandwiched between her thighs. Jenny felt like the third.

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