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“It’s your first time here yes,” Anya asked them looking at the screen in front of her.“Yes, we just got married, and we’re here on our hone...moon.” Joshua looked over at Megan, his now beautiful wife.“Oh you are newlyweds, congratulations,” Anya smiled excitedly as she checked something on the computer."Good it's available," Anya typed something in and looked up with a smile on her face.“I just upgraded you to the exclusive bridal suit,”“Oh wow, thank you,” Megan said as she and Joshua got. "Edie pulled my shirt over my head, kissed her way around my neck and chest, and then allowed me to pull the t-shirt over her head exposing her supple body. I returned the favor of kisses over her neck and breasts, driving her wild by sucking each nipple into my mouth and biting on the nub just the way I knew drove her crazy.After my pants disappeared and we were nude, we danced a little, allowing my ever-stiffening rod to be pressed between our bodies. After some really hot kisses, Edie slid. My body grew hot and my legs went limp. I was being sexually assaulted by a dog, I thought angrily. I started trembling at the sheer force of the sexual attack on my vagina. Bile rose in my throat, I was shaking with sexual arousal, anger and fear. Lucius kept forcing the full length of his tongue deep inside my canal, pushing as far as it would go, and then pushing some more. My vagina felt full to capacity with his enormous meaty tongue, I felt the walls inside me stretching to it's fill,. I gave him enough time to stop me or to take over. As I was eager to have sex with Rick I knew that moment that C was as eager to watch me again fucking with a second stranger. My sexual hunger and passion was unleashed and I was no longer longing for Matt or C, I was just longing for good sex and all 3 men in that room were perfect to give me that pleasure. Rick started kissing me full of passion on my mouth and I gladly let his tongue in waiting for the moment he would bring in his other part.

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