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The thought of young Tracy in her school uniform had me gushing in to my panty liner. I relayed this to Elaine and said"You look gorgeous, I've got su...h wet knickers Elaine, you wouldn't believe." Elaine replied," Wanna bet? You could sail a boat in mine, feel." She was grinning impishly and as I looked all around the near deserted car park, she slid her skirt open. Seeing no one around, I glanced down to see her legs spread and her see-through panties on display. Her thin bush was clearly. ." Gwen was the first to venture in a low voice. "What is she talking about?"Dawn piped up. "I think that's our cue to go." She stood up, gesturing to Gwen and Robin. "Come on girls. Let's find lunch." But-" Gwen whined."I'll explain. I promise," Dawn said firmly."Dawnnn..." Adrienne intoned with a slight concern in her voice."Relax, A.D.," Dawn turned around. "I'll handle it."Adrienne thought about it and then nodded in agreement. While she and Dawn had never quite become best friends or. Legs would spread so I can enjoy in view of ur cock. Hard cock.Don’t want to b gentle with u, not this time so I will sit on ur chest nd slam my juicy cock over ur face…I leek lot of precum nd traces of it are on ur face. U try to grab my cock with ur mouth, but I don’t want u suck me, not just yet…I slam ur cheeks with my rock hard drooling cock. U r trying to lick me with ur tongue but I am quicker than u…My hand is slowly stroking ur cock nd ur precum makes my hand most nd gliding all over. I turned my head so I could stroke her clit with the right side of my tongue, and then I ran my tongue up her slit and back down again, sweeping some of her slick juices onto her clitty for extra lubrication. I dipped my lips into the juices and coated them liberally, and I placed my lips on her clit, and with gentle suction, I moved my head back and forth. It only took a few moments, and I heard Casey inhale through her clenched teeth, and she clenched her thighs together around my head. I.

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