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Her voluptuous physique and classically gorgeous face always got my attention. I greeted her with a smile and excused myself to get changed. Upon retu...ning to the kitchen, Samantha told me that Rachel had left. She had invited us to a baseball game the following week. Knowing that we were from the UK, she was a bit hesitant to invite us, but was surprised by Samantha’s knowledge of the game. While in England, we were both huge cricket fans, so one would understand the cultural change upon. .. to Kim, and to Katie. I’ve wanted to be trained to obey all of you for a good while now. I can’t deny that anymore, can I? It’s a fact. I’m a submissive by nature. I’m mostly submissive, though there are exceptions where I would enjoy giving out the orders. I was born to obey, but I would enjoy more pleasurable commands than what Mom gives me. It’s nothing but homework, chores, and whatnot with her of late, and I’m lucky to get time away for something like this. I’ll be lucky if she doesn’t. “Mr Smith I should not be doing this, I should leave”“You can leave any time but please it’s all yours” I repliedShe rubbed my hard cock a little longer before she left.“I must leave Mr Smith, I have work” she said as she let go of my cock and left it dangling there.She turned and walked towards the door.I called after her, “Another night then?”She turned and gave a little smile before opening the door and leaving. She had made me so horny and my cock was rock hard so all I could do was have. ”“I tend to get in more trouble when I don’t carefully consider the ramifications.”Nancy laughed, “I think you get in equal amounts of trouble either way! I’m not talking about doing obviously dumb stuff, but Mike, as much as I like you, I swear, you do NOT know how to have a good time!”“You do know that I enjoy my life, minus my relationship drama, right? Just because my relationships are complicated, doesn’t mean I’m not having fun!”“But even your ‘fun’ is carefully considered.”“By which you.

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Cute mallu girl

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