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She slid the leather collar around his neck, and he felt her buckle it from behind, then he heard a metallic snap!She grabbed his arm and turned him t... face her again. She hooked a leather leash to a ring on the front of his collar, and said, "You are my slave now. Follow me."Slave! Oh shit! What did I do to myself?She yanked the leash and led him through the store. Following behind her, he couldn't help notice that she had a pleasant shape. She had a fancy tattoo on the small of her back,. Just as I was getting into bed Aunty came in and said. 'You have been agood girl today and I really enjoyed our visit to the bridal salon. Wehave chosen a stunning hairstyle for you, I just think you will be themost glamorous bride imaginable. Your sewing class starts at middaytomorrow but I have to attend a meeting in the morning so an old friendis coming over to look after you and I expect you to be perfectlybehaved.'Aunty then clipped the wrist cuff on me kissed me and left turning offthe. She got impressed. She told I like your way of talking and your physique she told my hubby is always busy with work and did not talk much. She told I am all yours today and you can play with me as you like. That’s the time, I have been waiting for all these days.I lifted her like baby and took her to my Bed. About to remove her top, she told I want to see you first.So I removed my shirt and pant and was in my inner. She told my chest is very big and solid. Then asked me to remove all and stand.. "I don't know," I say, suddenly bashful. Coy for real, not just playingat it.That seems to shift the weight between us, like on a see-saw."Is this what you want." He's hefting the crotch of his jeans, hisbasket of goodies, as they say. "You don't want a cookie?" I say, playing not coy, but for time. "Listen," he says.I listen; nothing follows. His radio breaks the silence, crackling, a voice coming from his belt.He doesn't answer it. I guess it's not for him. Or he's listening to amessage.

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