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I did as I was told and by the time I had turned around after setting the phone down, the stranger was already naked and hard, sporting an 8 inch dick...that curved upward at a sharp angle. As soon as I was naked he pulled me down to the bed and began to suck on my cock, working it over with his tongue and squeezing my balls. As he began to deep throat me, I moaned loudly. My girlfriend held her phone up to her pussy as she fingered herself and the moan made her scream with delight. It was then. Or at least, not the business she though. He was here to arrest. Eyes widening a bit, Angel sat up and moved off of the bed. Where are you going? He grabbed her by the wrist. Her body tensed, to get your money. No. If you arent here for business, then you dont have to… He cut her off by pulling her back on the bed, pushing her face down, and pinning her down. No, you are not going out there and fucking this up. He had realized she had figured him out we have been working too hard on this. She. I will make you go on a liquid diet after i get done breaking your fucking jaw!!” He stopped. I go to the bathroom to pee. I look at Ms. James’ bra, it said 38I. I said to myself: “I’ll bang her if douchebag doesn’t anymore.” After i got done cleaning their pool. Her husband said to her:”Hey, you know my business trip is tomorrow. I’m going to be gone for 3 weeks, so try to lose some fucking weight so i can sl**p with you again.” After he. I said ash, lets go to a PUB. She willingly said ok and started driving, I told her let me drive and took control, she started teasing me on the way and actually woke my sleeping member to90 degrees and I told her ash…u need to give me a head and blow me off b4 we reach the pub so that the ladies there don’t see my hard member…she expertly sucked my cock and I was moaning, she squeezed my balls and I was in heaven. She was stroking me like a whore and sucking the rod, she was taking me deep and.

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Shanaya Photosshoot 9

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Priya bed1

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NRI babes blows

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