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"I'll see you after practice." I'll do that right away," I told her. "I'll pick you up at your dorm lobby after practice so you don't have to walk in ...he dark. Do you want me to walk you there now?"She thought about it for a second and then started packing up as she nodded. I helped her gather her stuff and then accompanied her to her dorm building a few minutes away."Ok, here you go Princess, I'll see you around six, but wait inside until I come get you," I insisted."Alright Mikey, thanks for. But since I've met Lilly and Peggy I don't feel that emptiness anymore. Together we were able to deal with the stress and the uncertainty. I would have gone nuts without them." And Izzy helped us stay calm and not freak out. We were all scared and frightened when you got hurt, but we helped each other." Lilly said proudly.I smiled."Sisters then. And what have you been promising your sisters?" Lilly wants a baby. Your baby. Our baby." She said firmly.I looked back at Lilly and she met my eyes. .. what?" The Pill," Heather said matter-of-factly. "What, you didn't know?" Know what?"The Senior laughed again. "You've been on birth control! Believe me, it makes all girls really horny. I mean, I used to be on them and when I was? Shit, I could get raped in an alley by a homeless crackhead and it would have made me cum! No matter how much you hate it, believe me, if you're on the Pill? You're gonna love the sex and cum like a pornstar."Alina's eyes widened. "Really?" she asked hopefully.. "Yes, my first time," I replied, noting how the table came just below her cleavage but was waist-high to me. I went on, saying, "it's an interesting place, not what I expected. I feel kind of out of place."This kind of flowed out of me, for I had decided that truthfulness was probably in order for an older woman. It seemed they could smell non-authenticity, or maybe that's just my mother.She smiled and said, "Yeah, it's kind of a meat-market, but I like that it doesn't have dancing. I hate.

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