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She was wrong and that delicious look of pity mingled with power in her eyes was dangerously misjudged. She did not think he had it in him. How she mi...understood, still. He picked up the rattan once again, and without pausing between blows for the sting to be absorbed into the skin, he relentlessly pummeled her bare reddened skin. She had no time to become accustomed to the pain, to allow her body to accept it and her brain to whisper to itself that it could not last forever, as is the way with. Only he could give me this ‘Shh’ he says gently, covering my mouth with his spare hand. I bite his fingers gently moaning softly before wrapping my mouth around his index and sucking it slowly, advertising what he has to look forward to.. He pushes two fingers inside me and slides them in and out slowly while his mouth expertly seeks out my clit and sucks it gently. he begins to thrust his fingers into me with more force, sucking me harder, demanding that I come for him. And I. ”“Sir, please don’t bullshit me,” Stacey said, “you’ve got a good thing going here, a submissive at your command. Hell, you’re going to get a passing grade out of it too. This side is out now, & I’m just trying to not think about it, but I can imagine what’s coming.”“Now normally that would piss me off and I’d punish you, but I understand where you’re coming from. Think about how this started, and what I said, and remember something. The reason that part of you is out? It’s because on some. You must never frown. It makes me sad."I rolled my eyes.I knew Heather liked me, perhaps even loved me, but her affections went unrewarded. I had no interest in her, or in any woman. I reserved such thoughts for boys, young men who were handsome and strong. That I didn't actually know of any personally hardly mattered. I would soon enough and I was trying to be patient. So many of the other girls here, and in the other schools I'd attended, had given up on patience and agreed to Sapphic.

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