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Mistress was next to the bed in the room."Over here, Ricki" She motioned for me to lay down on the bed, then sheplaced my arms above my head and secur...d them with handcuffs to theheadboard. She also secured my ankles to the corners of the bed so I wasrestrained spread-eagle on the bed. Finally she secured a large ball gagaround my head so I couldn't say anything. She had vinyl sheets on thebed which was making me quite excited, and she quickly noticed."Ah, my little slut likes vinyl. Well,. We were heading toward the science center on the far side of campus. It was well away from the center of activity. The outer edges of the campus were left much the way nature had left them. The buildings were set amongst groves of trees and were connected by walking paths. I didn't know if I felt better or worse about being in a secluded area. I knew the chances of anyone else seeing me were limited, and truthfully, they could have asked for sex in the cafeteria and I would have agreed. Our. Is he here today?"asked Ellen."He's here, a girl in my P.E. class said she spit on him just thismorning," said Stacy.Katrina realized who it was in the corner by then and elbowed Stacy,"Wanna go say hi? C'mon Ellen it'd be priceless."Ellen grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back into her chair. "Leavehim alone. His life is already hell and it's my fault. We didn't like itwhen he was mean to us, so you know he'll feel the same. Leave himalone."Stacy got up anyway, "I'm just going to thank him. We walk out the door as he is opening the door for Joan. We walk to meet them and when he shakes my hand is hand is almost twice the size of mine. We say hello and they both tell Lynn happy birthday. Joan gives Lynn a big long kiss then me I think wow I hope that Lynn is really going to be okay with this. Chuck gives Lynn a quick kiss. They bring in their bags I had told Joan to bring any toys or what ever she thought would make this more fun. We walked around showing off the place we had made.

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