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She was wearing a light summer dress and her silky black hair was in a bun on her head. This is Master Bob, Jodie said, he will help me today. Bob th...s is Nikki but that name will not be used today she will be refered to as slut, slave, whore or whatever is appropriate. After Nikki had signed an injury release she was ordered to strip for inspection. She placed her dress, pantys and bra on a chair and stood staight with he hand behind her for Jodie to inspect. Slave what did I tell you to. While I cut it into portions, Ros got some small plates and forks.“That was pretty sexy, watching you then,” I said.“It felt so good; like I was doing something really naughty. Seeing your reaction; and feeling you sliding along my pussy; that was such a turn on, Will. I want us to do more stuff like that. Maybe next time, you can have your prick between my thighs, against my pussy as I pee?”“That would be fun; I would like that.”“I should get you a copy of some of the little newsletters that. . he picked his set up and went off to the bathroom you get changed here and I will be back in a sec, he was back as I was still trying to clip the back of the belt , so he knelt down and did them up for me, I noticed he was already hard (it was hard not to notice), I was not hard yet I think it was more nerves than anything, we sat on the edge of the bed as he reached for the remote control for DVD, are you ready I know I am he said, oh yes, I mumbled, I was staring at his nylon legs and his. Shweta: you dance good, Rudra!Me: thanks, Shweta, you too dance really well.S: I am good at many others things ;)Me: may I know which other things?S: not here, let’s leave, we will go to my place, and have few more drinks to chat about this topic.Me: *lovestruck* okay,let’s leave.After finishing our drinks, we met others and left.We grabbed some beers and whiskey for us and her room mates.We reached her building, she had already called her friends and said she is coming with a male friend.I.

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