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Aunty mulai kaambu kuraga en kaiyai kuthi kondu irunthathu. Maami mulai kaambil kai vaithu thadavi soothil suniyaal kuthi kondu irunthen.Pinbu kutam k...raiya aarambithathu, nan kaiyai mulai meethu irunthu eduthu viten, sunniyaiyum porumaiyaaga kutam iranga iranga thali nindru konden.Maami ennai paarthu veetil konjam velai irukirathu athai matum konjam vanthu seithu kuduthu vitu sel endru ketargal? Naan kandipaaga aunty ungaluku uthavi seiyaamal veru yaaruku seiya pogiren.Kandipaaga uthavi. Doctor asked her to remove the pallu of her sari from her chest, which she did now doctor can see my wife’s lovely assets placed on her chest, I could see his eyes glowing up. He was looking at my wife’s boobs my wife turned her face around. Doctor now went nearby and took something in his hand my wife was looking at him. He came near to her and said well Shahana as I said we need to do some tests and I have to put this objects on your chest and you need to unhook your blouse.She was shocked,. Sitting down on the opposite side of the table from her you pour yourself some cereal and while you eat you continualy take glances at her, noticing that her niples are poking seductivly through her whte top. You think that you notice her glance at you a few times but you arent really sure you you ust mentaly shrug it off and continue eating. Moments later your brother stands up holding his stomach, his face looking a little paler than normal. "Oh man," he says "im gonna be sick" and he runs. It’s made me a bit of an ‘Anal Guru’ ever since and I have introduced the most nervous ladies to the joys and pleasures of anal many times since. Been on the receiving end of some outstanding orgasms as a result too… Anyway – now to how she got me into Swinging…. We’d been going out for almost 3 weeks when we were talking on the phone on the Thursday night. She said there was a party on Saturday night and would I like to go. I said yes. I didn’t have any idea what she meant by …. ‘party’…. On.

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