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Jenna apologises and goes to the living room where she finds Louisa and Texas in an awkward silence.Chapter eightThinking nothing of it, Jenna undo the take-out containers so that they could all eat. As they all started to eat the Chinese and drink the bottle of wine things seemed to become less tense between Louisa and Texas. A few moments after they had finished eating and drinking Jenna took the dishes into the kitchen and started to wash up. This is when she felt someone wrap an. I think we should take it easy. OK, honey?’ ‘Sure mom. It’s just that sometimes I wish that everyday was Sunday.’ He said with a smile before heading off to bed. During first hour at school the next morning Aaron was handed a note that instructed him to report to Diane Seaton’s office as soon as possible. Mrs. Seaton was one of the Assistant Principal’s. Aaron of course knew who she was, but he had never had any direct contact with her. She was in her mid thirty’s and married to Captain Michael. Well things progressed and eventually the computer chatting gave way to actually ringing each other to chat on the phone and i must say how horny this was to hear the others voice and his moans as we passed comment on our wives pics which were still only either clothed or semi clothed, then out of the blue he sent a picture of himself naked and erect wow i didn't know what to say he was like me not in the best of shape being almost 50 but his erection was if i say awesome to see and some what. Her next move caused my cock to twitch sufficiently to expel a fat drop of pre-cum onto the inside of my leg. With her lips still spread wide with her fingers, Rebecca dropped the towel from her right-hand, and lifted her eyes from her pussy until she was staring directly into mine. Then with her right hand, she gave me the same little four finger wave that I got when I caught her staring at me naked. When she added the huge smile that said to me, “Well big guy, did you enjoy that show?” I once.

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