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She was one of the popular girls, tall with curly brown hair and blue eyes. As usual she was wearing a tight fitting shirt to show off her big breasts...and wearing a skirt to show off her long legs. She was startled when a large boy sat down across from her at her table. He brushed his dark hair from his eyes and gave her a smug smile. “Uh, hello? This is a private table, bub,” she said. “Well, I found this extra chair and thought it’d be a waste if no one used it.” He was quick. “You’re Amanda. “I need you to cover for me tomorrow night”“What for?” I asked.“Well Dimple and I are… Going somewhere tomorrow night and I already know mom and dad wouldn’t let me go if I asked them so will you please cover for me.” She then started to give me the puppy dog face and looking into her sweet eyes I could not say no.“Well I do have something going on tomorrow night that I kind of need to be there for. I could lose I lot of money.” I said already deciding to say yes.“Oh PLEASE! Please I really,. I pulled down her pants and all of a sudden I realised that I had no condoms thinking well I'm fucked when all of a sudden she says be a dear and grab my bag I have condoms I thought to myself fuck yes there is a god, I popped it on my cock and without hesitation slammed my cock in her wet pussy it was crazy wet i ain't k**ding she was dripping down her legs I started slapping her arse and she moaned a little. So I started going deeper and every time the moans got louder with ten minutes left. Back in the hall, we released Dawn and the man dressed up as a wife, and she told me to “help” him while she dressed Dawn up.I had every intention of riding him to multiple orgasms once we were in the room alone, but just taking his panties off had him exploding, and then quickly getting soft in my hand. Damn it anyways, I needed that for me, not him. I smiled at him as he finished getting undressed, and then as he stepped into the shower the door opened and I was beaconed to leave. Dawn and I.

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