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Alex’s moody reverie was interrupted by a knock on the front door. “Good morning! Mr Trimmer? I’m Leslie Anne, Elsie’s daughter.” He was bei...g addressed by a tall young blonde of about thirty, with a very trim figure and a lovely smile. She carried a supermarket carrier bag.“Is everything alright?”“Well, not really. Mum had a nasty fall in the house yesterday, you see. Nothing’s broken but she’s very shaken up. The doctor has told her to rest her leg for at least a week.” Leslie Anne held her. I grab his jaw and force it open and take out his tongue. I pull it out as far as I can, putt the knife against it and pull his tongue over it severing it. My dad shouts in pain but because his tongue is missing it just sounds as loud mumbling. “Great that’s much better now I can think.” I say putting the knife back and thinking of something I forgot. “Mom, get me an oven box with alcohol and bring duct tape too.” I command her my mother scurries off and I walk to my dead and punch his lights. I also donated time to all the “right” causes. All-in-all, life was perfect, apparently TOO perfect.I noticed that Jake seemed to need to work late much more than he formerly did. I found this a bit odd, because I thought that after all his hard work he’d be able to cut back a bit.One day I dropped by his office and noticed that his long-time secretary wasn’t there. In her place was a much younger woman. Maybe I was just a jealous wife, but the only word that I could find to describe her was. I was surprised but started to suck her tongue slowly. A few seconds later she just parted her lips and hugged me. I was caressing her back and lifted her in my arms to her bedroom. Lights were already turned off except the dim bedside lamp.The atmosphere was quite romantic. I laid her down on the bed slowly and lay alongside her. Facing her I started moving her hair which was lying on her shoulders. I rested my hand on her flat stomach and started making circles around her navels over the.

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Gf sex 4:47

Gf sex

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