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We ordered a bottle of Vodka for the ladies and I ordered a bucket of beers for myself. We started drinking and Manisha suggested we play a game. We s...arted playing “Never have I Ever” and the game was getting more interesting as time passed.It was Manisha’s turn and she said, “Never have I ever had a threesome” and Prerna took a sip. I got the shock of my life. Being a curious soul, I asked her when did she do it. She narrated the story of how her ex-boyfriend and his best friend fucked her in. The tables were slid over to create a dance floor. The pill began to take effect in them and soon Tani felt like every inch of her body had been touched. Countless times countless hands had rubbed and brushed her piercings particularly her tits and clit ones through the feather light material of her toga. Tani had done her share of feeling too, running her hands over butts, pussies, dicks and boobs as they all twirled and danced together. She drank another glass of wine. She saw lips brush each. 30 par call aayi main pucha kon to boli itne jaldi bhool gaye jab usne apna naam bataya tab yaad aaya ki madhu se meri chating me baat ho rahi thi. Tab maine usse kaha ki jo aap net par bol rahi thi wo sach hai kya to boli aap ko kya lagta hai maine pucha ki sach aap ne kabhi sex nahi kiya to usne mana kar diya phir maine usse samjhaya, ki dekho madhu agar tumne kabhi nahi kiya to main bata deta hun ki sex ka agar enjoy kiya jaye to bahut maja aata hai or ek baat or mara or tumahar rishta keval. I am momentarily frozen with wonder. I’ve given Matt Steiner an erection! His breathing is shallow now. “You smell lovely,” he murmurs. Finally, he puts his hands on either side of my face and kisses me so hard I gasp with sheer pleasure. His kiss is passionate and strange at the same time—his hunger is almost uncontainable. Amid the kisses, I marvel at my tour de force: I have seduced Matt Steiner. We continue to kiss as he tries to undress me with one hand. My breasts roll free when he.

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