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I got home that Thursday and Kelly was at work, so I copied Becky's DNA chart on my printer and put it with my work papers. I did a little snooping on...our computer to see if I could find anything that didn't belong. You know websites, e-mails, etc. I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. I also checked Kelly's drawers and found something stashed under some of her old flannel gowns that she uses during the winter. I found a new box of birth control pills. The prescription was only a week. So like I was saying I always wanted to try two cocks in my ass to see if I could do it. Jason got up and Matt laid down and I got on top of him, reverse cowgirl style. I guided his cock into my ass which was now pretty stretched out. I was able to fit two of my own fingers in my ass with his cock so I knew I was ready. Ty got on the bed and entered my pussy. I started making out with him and then I whispered into his ear that I wanted him to put his cock in my ass too. At first he was like. Gloria was so caught up in her orgasm that she barely noticed Troy lift her butt into the air and position her how he wanted her. Troy had Gloria's knees under her b**st, her hands and arms extended between her knees and thighs, fingering her cunny hole. Gloria was moaning in acceptance as Troy poised his cock against her anus. Gripping Gloria, by the hips, Troy slid his huge cock into Gloria's anal opening. Gloria groaned and grunted as Troy continued to ease his man hood into Gloria's up. “Yes can I help you?“I’m Jane from the hotel,“Oh I’m so pleased you rang me I would like to thank you for yesterday and if you would like to come over to my studio this week I could show you the pictures we have taken for the brochure and if its ok with you I would like to take some more photos of you to keep in my studio to display my work,“I’m not sure about that what sort of photos are we talking about? What ever you want me to take, anyway see you say Friday,“Ok that fine it’s my day off I.

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Wet pussy

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Teasing bbw

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