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The feeling grew more oppressive. Normal senses could feel it now and the children were getting restive.John took the younger children, one under each...arm and whispered soothing words to them. I approved and walked with a firm stride towards the door."I hear you. Depart." I called out.There were three loud and slow knocks on the door. The air grew colder slightly."You shall not enter." I shouted.The bolt began to rattle slightly as if an invisible hand was trying to draw it. I spoke words of. No life could come from my little girl and her little body, not without risking her own life; truly a fault for humanity.Should I even be allowed to produce another life? With my genes I would just breed another one like me. I would die before I let anyone take Chelsea from me though. Her father is me, this monstrous thing, but I don’t care. I am a selfish person and Chelsea deserves a chance at life. Even if she holds such genetic code in her. If she isn’t me, then she is a carrier for another. In. . . out. . . in. . . out . . . in . . . out. . . with his hands holding firmly onto Ron’s hip bones for balance and to better control his stroke. As he began to feel his own release building, he shifted his weight a bit to his left so that he could reach around Ron with his right arm and stroke his friend with that same agonizing rhythm."Harry, you’re killing me," Ron growled, but Harry knew he meant that in a good way, because it was killing him as well. It was time to use Ron’s preferred. " He fastened it down, closed the cover, locked it up and stood to leave."There you go! They'll run a self test from the Institute. I'll be back if there are any problems, but that almost never happens. So, you're set to go, all locked up, nice and tight." Thanks ... uh. Jim." I saw him to the door."You're done!" Carla said brightly.It had been a short session this time. After three weeks of daily electrolysis, my body was now completely done. She had done my entire face, back, chest, belly,.

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