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After a few hugs and kisses, every one repaired to the large common room of the hostel. This particular hostel was much larger than the usual hostel. ...t had ten sleeping cubicles with an extra large common room. There were also twice the privies out back, a warm bathing pool, and a special shed for Alonzo and other animals on one side. Lucy sat next to the dwarf Mark as they ate their dinner of fruit and bread. Grace laughed as she watched Lucy chummy up to Mark. “She’ll have him or Luke in her. “Why don’t you ask Beth to dance. She’s sitting by herself in the booth.” “Who’s Beth?” “She works the door, probably signed you in. You couldn’t miss her.” If it was Beth who took my money and issued me a name tag when I arrived, I certainly had not missed her. She had long black hair and bright blue eyes. A black bikini top barely contained her voluptuous breasts and studded booty shorts clung to a world-class ass. I hadn’t seen so much exposed female flesh since my ex left. “Black outfit?. Mausam: You looked off today, why?Me: N-no, no..maybe the hangover, haha.I was not able to take my eyes off my classmate’s boobs. I really wanted to get to her through that mobile phone and play with her titties!Mausam: Haha right, I was feeling kind of dizzy too.She stood up and went to her drawer. God, she was wearing a tiny white shorts which was just covering her ass.She took out a comb from her drawer and standing there, she raised her hands to comb her hair. I couldn’t believe what I was. Out of one eye she followed the squad car’s progress as it pulled away. The officer hadn’t questioned her on the fake birth certificate she’d produced for identification. It seemed that the local highway patrol men were used to unkempt transients hiking through and were only interested in putting a name to whomever they might have to scrape off the pavement. The adrenaline left from the encounter had momentarily taken the edge off the dull ache that seemed to have set up permanent residence in.

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