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She practically wore my old ass out. She sucked my cock, she fucked me, and then she even let me fuck her in the ass. And Jason, my cock stayed hard t...e whole time. I can't believe I could last that long. I've never lasted that long with my wife. Did you have anything to do with that?"Jason tried to slow down the excited Dean Malcomb. "Take a breath, Dean. You don't want to have a heart attack just talking about it do you? I'll be in your office as soon as I can get free in the morning. Then we. As they sat down we all smiled at each other and ordered our drinks. Looking at them my cock was already filling with blood as I poured the first beer down my throat. Small talk was on the menu as we finished several rounds and a couple of hours had passed.When the server came back she smiled and handed the credit card receipt to them. She thanked us and wished us a pleasant evening. While walking out together they suggested I ride with them to their house. Having a buzz already I agreed, so we. .. It was for a football game that was a night game, so everyone started hitting the alcohol and i*****ls pretty early :/ I knew there was going to be mostly guys there Tim, Eric, Alex and Jenna to be exact.. and they all like to party, so I thought I would plan ahead a bit; go fishing a lil ya know!! I put on new pair of light pink thongs and shaved my body smooth, just incase I ran into some drunk horny boys, i would let my pink thong show a bit and to flash a sign/invite to play. I only knew. Patti had a moment of blind panic. She wanted to bite the hand that covered her mouth and then scream for help. But after a moment common sense prevailed: if help did come, how would she explain her lack of clothing? Whose story would they believe, the man—and it was definitely a masculine hand covering her mouth—behind her? Or would they believe the woman in her bra and panties (the latter item practically dripping with her juices) with a dog collar and leash around her neck?Gee, I wonder,.

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