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He had told her, very diplomatically of course, that this trip was for more than getting away from the kids for a while. He had shared how he learned ...bout sex from Suzy (this got a gasp from Becky) and some of the later learning experiences with other older women too.“He knew she didn’t enjoy it as much as those other women had, and that had an impact on him and their marriage. He was bringing in an expert in an attempt to make things better.“I drew out Becky’s background. Her single mom was. ‘Tom, my friend. You must be brave. Believe me, this will not harm you.’ ‘Hurt me?’ ‘There may be some pain. My friend, we are runners, you and I. We know that pain can lead to pleasure, can it not? And this little pain, this brief discomfort, can lead to very considerable pleasure. Have you not investigated that it is so?’ He nodded. ‘Then trust me. It will hurt less, or not at all, if you can ease your mind. Can you do that for me, my friend?’ ‘I think so.’ ‘Good. Close your eyes. It may be. The farthest I went was giving a hand job, a bad one at that. "I've never had it done before" She smirked. "Do you wnat me to show you how it feels?" I hesitated. "I didn't shave!" I blurted. She paused. "Is it alot?" "I don't know?" She sighed. "Take your jeans off." Without thinking, I obeyed, slipping my skinny jeans down to my ankles. She looped a finger in my thongs and pulled them from me. "Not that much" she judged. With no word, she pulled them down and off of me along with my jeans.. But that was only the styarting.I was waiting for the right time. On the very next day i saw her wearing skirts. I asked her to come closer that I could explain the subjects easily. Priyanka came near to me and without any hesitation I put my hands under her skirt and rubbing her pussy over her pantie. She was shocked and became red in shame. But I knew she wouldnt tell anybody so I continued my journey under Priyanka’s skirt. I tried to put my fingers inside her panties but she began to move.

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