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I did some digging about Ted’s and read that it was pretty seedy [and still is] and sex openly takes place in the toilets. Anyway, one night the guy...messaged and he said he would like to take me there and if I don’t like it we could leave. I wore a short grey LBD, and pair of 5” strappy heel, with my painted toes and painted lips I was ready to go. Thankfully we only had to walk a short way from the car in a not so safe part of London in my tiny dress. The entrance was small and a very steep. I told one of his friend to come here so I could put it in my mouth. I took it as far as it would go. This went on for ever each men taking turns, one in my pussy and in my mouth. Then suddenly it hit me; I could be pleasing three at once.I stopped them all. I smiled, and turned around. I pointed to three of them. I said, "I want you all. Now." The three I pointed at smiled and came forward, each of them hard as a rock, even though they had all cum all over me already. I took one in my mouth as. After a long gap, I meet her one day.As she was close to me she used to share her everything with me. She told me about divorcing her husband and I asked for the reason.At the beginning, she told that she had a problem with her in-laws and her husband but later what she told surprised me a lot.She was like her husband was impotent and she was never satisfied with him he used to take tablets and bang her only for 20 mins. I was confused when she told me like this but later I understood wat she. The only alternative would be living with a legal guardian, but only family would qualify for that status in cases like this. Tina, who had spent the last three months living with a bunch of foster-care assholes already, had begged her ward to ask her uncle to take her in.He had, although he’d been reluctant. When she’d been allowed to speak with him, he’d told her that he’d let her stay there “so long as she listened up and wasn’t no pest”. And so, while her daddy was in prison, little Tina.

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