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Putting in a large shower area. I like to work out in the basement had bought some equipment and bench presses and crap. Got some of the mirrors for t...e large walls to check myself out. Anyway compelted the shower install. It was pretty sweat if I dont mind saying so. All glass around, with slate walls, large enough for 4 if needed. but that will be later. I was working out this one late evening and just getting ready to hit the shower, I heard the door upstairs n foot steps, Son must of. We are spooned together and the light smell of your perfume is starting to drive me wild, remembering the kiss we had shared earlier and that smell as I held you in my arms.Just the thought of the kiss is arousing my cock which is tightly pressed against your sexy bum and you must feel it too as you push slightly back into me.My fingers find the opening in the shirt between the buttons and I lightly caress the bare skin of your stomach. Your hand releases its hold on mine and you let out a. I wore a sexy angel perfume.I had a couple of shots. I heard someone walk in and it was Ramesh.He handed me the pan. I wanted to know if I was looking seductive and hot. So thought of checking with Ramesh. I called Ramesh in and asked him if I was looking hot and sexy. He said, what will he get in return for saying that. I was shocked to hear that. Wondering what he wants? I told him ok, you will get what you want (thinking he may ask for money). He said, wear your Sindoor and put a tiny nose. There was someone I was really looking forward to seeing. But before that I just had to go get a selfie with the Big Show. So ive looked everywhere. So she must be in the ladies dressing room right? I keep going down the hallway. Looking left and right. And finally i found in. WWE LADIES DRESSING ROOM. The sign read. My eyes popping out of my head. And my cock popping out of my shorts. I head on in. And theres a room full of naked and half naked WWE women. Sasha, Dana, Lana, Brie. I make sure.

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