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She came inside her car and I said “Wow Bhabhi, nice hair cut. You look nice in this.” She smiled and said “Thanks, I was planning to get the cu... but due to time constraint was not getting time, finally I did managed” I asked her you did only hair cut to which she smiled and said “Hahahha…nah did other things.” I grabbed her hands when she sat in the car, she looked at me bud didn’t resisted my move. I saw here and there and kissed her hands inside the car.She got a little surprised with my act. The first spurt shot out and hit the back of my throat, leaving a trail on my tongue. I wanted to stop and taste his thick creamy cum but his hand on my head continued to move my mouth up and down on his cock milking more of his hot cum. The piece of chiseled stone in my mouth kept erupting in big hot bursts like some lustfully choreographed fountain head. I tried to swallow but the volume was too much and his cum began leaking from my mouth, dripping down his shaft. Eventually his hand eased. You know, the baby." I'll help you take a look on John if you don't mind," Ivolunteered shyly. Melissa looked skeptical. She inquired, "Yousure? You know how to take care of babies?" Obviously, shedidn't really trust me with her baby. I couldn't blame her atall. Who'll trust a seventeen years old kid with anything?I pleaded, "Trust me please, Melissa. If there's anything Ican't handle, I'll call you at once."She hesitated for a while. She finally agreed, "All right. Ifthere's any problem, you. Tina looked over towards Megan and said, "Should we go for it Megan?” Tina then proceeded to strip off all of her clothing. Tina was a few pounds over weight, but that didn’t stop her from going nude into the hot tub. Tina and Tim then looked over towards Megan and they told her, “Come on, Megan, get undressed and jump in!”Megan slowly began to remove her clothes until she got down to her bra and panties. Megan had a very nice set of breasts to go along with a great looking ass. Tim noticed it.

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Suit wali baby

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