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It was rather insidious, really. My arms were pulled up so high that I couldn't bend down very much, and now that my balls were tied to the bar betwee... my ankles, I couldn't stand up too much either. In all, I probably had about a quarter- to a half-inch of space that was bearable; standing too high meant that my balls got stretched, and crouching too low meant that my shoulders got wrenched.Since I couldn't do so externally, I nodded my head internally. I love my Mistress. She really knows how. There was no sign of the shivers, so she was a ways away from finishing. It was going to take all my powers of concentration to keep from letting go too soon.I was hanging on by the barest of threads when I felt Sally begin to shiver. The shake that followed was all it took to set me off and I cut loose just as Sally's spasms began. When they ended, we collapsed on the bed, lying side by side. I could see Ros, sitting on the other side of the bed, watching us."God, that was so hot," she said.. . Unless she happened to bend over or twist her body more than slightly. Likewise the dress covered her right leg completely, but the left was completely exposed below Eva's hip and the smallest movement threatened to announce her complete lack of modesty. Panties, Eva had decided, would simply spoil such a dress completely.Eva's platinum hair was deliberately flat and parted down the middle, falling long and straight like silver silk to frame her face. Her makeup was somewhat reserved by Eva's. " Yeah, it is," the old guy said. "To the people who dole out the money, I could be writing recommendations in cuneiform on clay tablets for all they understand."Another one added, "Bachelor of Arts and an MBA." Oh, come on, Radley! MBAs need love, too!" a third added.Me, I was sitting in the corner sympathizing. I'd made a good living at this stuff, but I'd run into more than one bean counter who just couldn't figure out why we charged so much and at the end of the day, all we did was deliver.

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