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"Ohhhhhh, Brad," she moaned.Her entire body trembled with lust as he drove farther into her. He loved watching his rock-hard prick sinking into her, her sexy, dimpled mounds of ass flesh.Finally, he managed to drive his entire cock deep inside her virginal ass, and she began to cry with joy and pleasure. He was home free now, everything was inside her except his balls, which where banging wetly against her ass crack."Ohhhhhh, Brad," the girl groaned.Her brother's cock had struck the most. But he hadn't. Hell, he was a good-enough looking guy that I was pretty sure he'd get laid for discount prices.When we used to run together as single guys, the girls called us "Beauty and the Beast," and you can guess who was who. Now, even the girls at the club went for him.It was 10:10 now, but I was thinking certain things, and I decided I had to know. So I dragged my ass out to the car and drove over to his trailer, but by then I knew what I would find. It was gone from its free spot behind. Do you realize how fast you were driving?" Brandi recognized the voice and her eyes widened as she looked at the officer standing at her car. It was her parents neighbor at the apartment complex, Officer David Roberts."Ummmm hi Mister Roberts" she said sadly. David peered at the young driver."Brandi why are you driving like a nut? Come on out here so I can give you a sobriety test."Brandi climbed out of her car she stumbled a bit as she followed David over to the side of the road he looked her. Not wanting someone like Deloris to step in and try to replace her, she decided to call him, and ask if he could give her a ride home from work. As she expected, the call took Shawn completely by surprise."I'm so glad you finally called me for a change," he began. "Damn! Of all the days you could call me and ask for I ride it had ta be today! I gotta work a little late taday, but I could tell them that I have an emergency, and have to go if you want me to."Sheryl was touched that he would do.

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Beast and beauty 2:02

Beast and beauty

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Desi pussy

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Indians kidding

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