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She bent her head down, only to see a tear fall on the stones and splatter."Please don't do this to me," she begged. "Please. I just can't take it." is it you can't take, Joan?" asked Eric, his voice quiet. "Tell me. If you feel... if you don't feel anything for Sally and I, we'll leave. We won't bother you ever again. But if you love us..." he almost couldn't go on. Would admitting they loved her drive her away? He swallowed and went on in a steadier voice. "If you love us the way we love. It was new and exciting. We spent the afternoon in bed savouring each other. We still do when we get the chance.” We were laying side by side and Sam was stroking my cock. She knew what she was doing and that her explicit talk was turning me on.“How do you feel knowing that I’m also fucking another woman?” Sam asked.“Do you find it threatening? Are you jealous?” She inquired.“Not at all,” I replied, “I like what you are telling me, tell me more. Tell me what you do?”“It depends on how we are. It was hard to process all that was happening to our relationship tonight. Marge liked to eat pussy and I liked sucking dick and we were talking about sharing these experiences with each other. I was so glad my fears from earlier turned out to be unfounded.Listening to Marge talk about Annie made me anxious to fuck her. I hoped that she would be amenable to the idea of a threesome with us. I knew Paul would be up for sex with me and Marge so that part would be easy. I was excited about watching. So I walk into the next open room and push the door closed but do not lock it. I am putting a bill into the video slot when he walks in. He tells me not to put the money in. He asks if I am gay or bi? Strange question I think but I answer bi. He smiles again. He tells me to follow him. We walk out to the parking lot around towards the street. We walk across the street to a van parked in a parking lot across from the arcade. He opens the side door and I get in. There is a 20 something.

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