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“Mmmm I’m going to do you so good,” she said. “I’m going to suck on this hard dick. Would you like me to do that baby?”. Here i sensed tha... the bitch is on heat andShe didn’t wait for my answer. Instead she grasped my dick firmly in her hand and rubbed the swollen head against her cheek. She moaned as she caressed her lips with the crown of my cock. I closed my eyes and felt her tongue slide all over my cock. Up and down the shaft her tongue expertly slid. She went from base to tip, getting me. He shrugged and said "Yeah, it does that when you rub it." and laughed.He took it in his good hand and held it and asked me if I wanted to finish it. He kept looking at it as he spoke.I took a deep breath and took it from him. He was even harder now and had doubled in size. His meat had grown so large that it would not go back into the foreskin. I ran the soapy towel across it again, this time slower. He leaned his head back and took a deep breath.I can't believe I did it but I started. I though she was dying on the shitter, so I rushed straight in. What a sight. Skirt hoisted up, knickers down and fat thighs wide apart with her fingers up her big fat hairy cunt, I got an instant stiffy. She looked so fucking horny and gorgeous.Embarrassed she should have been, but not a bit. ‘I’m sorry that you have to find me like this Harry but I just could not take my eyes off the bulge in your trousers and had to cum, I was so fucking horny. As you have probably gathered I am an out and. "The vain little slut didn'tlie." He tore the tunic further until it no longer covered my upperbody, but rather now served as a mini-skirt. The length of leash chainstill dangled from my display collar hanging between my breasts anddragging on the floor by a further length of seven feet or so. The chainwas quite long, allowing perhaps for a woman to move about her tetheringpoint in ways that might please a man if he so commanded. Sobbing, Itried to cover my breasts with crossed arms, but he was.

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