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“Yes.” A soft happy sigh followed.“Good. You only have one order for the rest of the night. You are to crawl for the rest of the evening. You ar... not allowed to sit on furniture. You may stand to cook, but you may not sit at the table and eat. Understand?”“Yes.”“Good. I’ll be in touch.” I closed the call and watched as she immediately lowered herself to her hands and knees. It was nice to spend the evening watching her ass sway as she crawled around.The next few days followed pretty much with. "Explain it how you like," she began, "a friend of mine described having several ... visits ... by his dead wife. I won't tell you the story, because it's his story, but I said to him ... I was sad I'd never had a visit from Barry after he died; I felt so alone. Then last year, I dreamed of him and his wife, who died a year or so before I met him; they said I would meet my life-mate this year. Tonight I dreamed of them again. Now that I'm with you, they can go on, they said. I'm not sure why I. You take me to a couch and sit me down and introduce me to a bunch of people. I shyly say hi and keep a steady stare at the ground. You leave briefly to get more drinks, and my heart flutters as I look around quickly, growing more and more curious of your plans. Upon your return, you come to me and kiss me softly, then proceed to tie a blindfold around me and tell me to relax and to trust you. I begin to whine. "I'm not ready for something like this. I want you and only you," I plead. "My love,. " That's the attitude I like to hear. Now you bring me your specialcream and Mommy will put it all over your behind." Fank you, Mommy. Candy wikes it when you use the cweem. It feelssoooo good." I was required to smile at moments like that, despite mypain and embarrassment. "Yay!"I bought her the wide-mouthed jar and she had me stand there with myback turned to her, my brightly marked backside nice and close for herto reach. I was told to bend forward and put my hands on my knees.Then she.

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