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Generally the kids are looked after by nannies mainly from eastern Europe although the odd American, Australian and Canadian can also be found particular village is home to our four main protagonists - Brenda Barker, Elizabeth Mason, Rachel Cummings and Sue Shepherd.Brenda - Aged 35, 5ft8, busty blonde, flirtatious, funny and very loud, especially after a drink or two. Married to Arnold (42) with two children Tarquin (18) and Spencer (16).Elizabeth - Aged 45, 5ft4, slim redhead.. Someone had left a living room lamp onso that she did not have any trouble finding her room. She almostsquealed out loud at sight of her restraint key hanging on the doorlatch. "Oh, thank you so much Peter. You have no idea how you havesaved me a nights sleep," said Pamela to herself. ----------------------------------------------Going to the vanity in her room, Pamela started to undress and removeher make-up. Disposing of the tissues into the incinerator chute anddepositing her undies. Her graphic sexual descriptions borderlined on porn movies and dirty smut novels. Heavyset, a big chest for a teenage girl, and very sexually active (by her own admission), she liked to give graphic descriptions of dick sizes and how good (or bad) a guy was that she'd recently fucked.Kristina on the other end, being the same age as my step-daughter (sixteen) had a bit of a foul mouth, a dirty mind, perverted sense of humor and I knew she'd been sexually active with a couple of guys. Her aunt. I stepped forward and gently ran my fingers across the lace top, slightly stroking her soft skin. “It's beautiful,” I said, “Matching panties?” She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to her feet. The panties did indeed match, the sheer material showing a neat patch of hair above shaved lips. “May I see the bra closer?” I asked. She hesitated until she took my meaning, then unclasped it and let it fall away from her perky little tits. She handed it to me, but I simply tossed it aside without.

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