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But while we were beginning to start again I looked at my hands and there was a little amount of blood in it. My father too saw it and asked what happ...ned I told it might be from the prick I received from the thorns. My dad asked me are you sure it was thorn and not something else. I asked “what something else” with apprehension he told “snakes or some insects”I too got frightened on hearing this .He told “get down from the car and go to the back seat and lie on your tummy.” He switched on the. His breathing was heavy. She knew he was very turned on. His excitement fueled her own. She could smell the salty musk of his cock, then felt his dripping head nudge at her lips. She opened willingly, thirstily. At this angle, she could nearly throat him. The feeling of his warm rod, the hardness of his veins, the smoothness of his head, the taste of his sweet precum combined to overwhelm her. Please cum, she thought to herself. I want this. I want to gag on your load. I want cum running. Taking this week off was really going to hurt, too. I just hope that everyone enjoyed their gifts.We bought sodas and popcorn, before going into our theater room.I really shouldn't have worried about the movie choice. As soon as we sat down in the back, just under the projector, Gina's lips were locked to mine. This theater must have upgraded their seating since the last time I was here, as the armrests lifted, allowing us to cuddle up to each other.Thankfully there were very few people in here. Slowly he worked his way along her buttocks untilhe reached the base of her spine. By then Anne had taken fourteen terrible hitsand lay sobbing into the now wet pillow. All the wide welts overlapped and herarse was one homogenous area of fiery red pain. "That's enough for nowAnnie. It's over." Geoff was disgusted with himself because inwardly hewanted to carry on, he wanted to turn her over and slash her front but he couldsee she wouldn't take much more pain. She would have to do something.

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