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The young tigress lifted hir hips before driving that massive rod of flesh up Kasi's ass making the small goth fur squeal in pain, teeth grinding toge...her as foot after foot of thick breeding meat slid into her bowels."I think it is time we finished our fun s*s." Dy said with a hiss as shi started to thrust hir hips, rapidly hammering hir cock forward into that tight hole making Kasi shriek. Kasi could do little but take the punishment to her abused ass while griping the soft cushions of the. I grinned and told her to forget it.We left on two motor scooters. Douglas had insisted that Brenda take hers for safety's sake. He very rightly figured that I would be too distracted with her holding on to me and pressing her breasts into my back. We put the two clothes bags into my scooter and the food hamper into Brenda's.It took us nearly half an hour to reach the pool, since the one we wanted was clear across town. It was fun riding side by side, carrying on a shouted conversation, as we. .. wife? I thought he loved Sereda? I shook my head. Well I'm going to assume he isn't coming with us to Orzammar, then... I hoped he would have some information of use, regardless.He and Aedan discussed directions and time – I had enough trouble figuring out morning or afternoon, nevermind specifics. And Aedan at least generally knew his way around Denerim. Once satisfied, he bought me a new dagger from Gorim's stock, as an excuse for us spending so much time standing there, and then we. I will do better next time. I swear, I will do better with this next master; I will not fail my Master in this, whatever this new master is like, whatever he demands of me, I will do it all. Without hesitation, or question, or failure. For my Master, I will not fail this new one-- His thoughts cut off suddenly as he realized his mistake. If he obeyed this new master because of his old one?that wasn’t right, and he would never be able to fully give himself to the new one, not while he was.

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