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With a metal hook in her arse, tied to her hair, as she was suspended off the ground in ropes, grinding against a rope tied tight between her cunt’s...lips. She came. On Monday, she woke up without remembering a thing, just as she had been ordered to. She went to work and told people she had been sick, and was still feeling a bit flat but no longer sick. When she got home, she felt tired. She entered trance easily, like a good girl. She undressed, got onto her bed, then went back to the stage and. "I just find it more comfortable. Being a PTI, I'm pretty sweaty most of the time. It's easier to freshen up during the day if there's no hair, but do me a favour?"."What?" Don't shave, your ginger pubes look amazing"."Really?"."Yup. They're just as I imagined them"."You imagined my pubes? You're weird. What else did you imagine?"."Well, I'll tell you. Right up until Andrea and I split, she was the only one I imagined if I was having a wank"."I hate that word", I said."What would you. I didn't even know how much to charge. I mean, I'm not a prostitute. I was just playing along with your ad to have sex.”The 'businessman' leaned over and whispered to the cop, who then grinned and said something back to him.“Well, I did think you were much too attractive to be a prostitute.” the 'businessman' said.“I'm not... oh, God, please believe me, I'm not.”“And $50 to fuck you? There are crack whores that charge more than that.”“I told you, I didn't know how much. I didn't even want the. Christie at 24 was one year older then Gia, and both had grown up in the same small country-town, which both of them couldn?t wait to get away from. But that?s pretty much where the similarities end. Christie had grown up as the daughter of the towns only doctor. The family was very well off, and respected in the community. Christie pretty much always got what she pointed at, and her hunger for new toys was never ending. Even now at 24, she always wanted more, and a sweet-talking phone-call to.

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