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Her mother and stepfather had killed all desire to find someone to love. Being beaten by her mother for not sexually satisfying her stepfather made it...virtually impossible to hand her heart over to anyone.After living with Shadow for almost three months, she had come to love him. Loving him had crept up on her and she couldn’t quite pinpoint when it had happened. She knew the stages that her feelings for him had passed. At first, she was terrified of living with a stranger while blind. After a. " Rough and tough and scruffy?" she grinned."Works for me," he said, and let out a sigh. "Scoot, are we real sure we want to do what we talked about?" I think so," she replied. "I mean, it feels right, maybe it's a little premature, but I don't think it's wrong. But we aren't dead committed; we've got a week and a half to think about it and almost a month before we have to tie things down." It'll be good to have a week and a half out on the river to think about it with the decision in front of. That is an interesting program, do you mind if I take it!" Hiram said."What! But you can't just..." Cynthia said and then watched as the program returned her own address on to the screen."Do not attempt to do that again. Your program will be blocked from working again! If you attempt to disrupt the traffic flow again your system will be destructed!" Hiram told them."You can't do that! It's not possible!" CJ said."I assure you, it is quite possible. I will tell you again. Leave the systems. .Ye kahani may 2010 ki hai jab mai apne gau garmi ki chuttiyo me gaya tha. jab mai gau pahucha to bhabhi mjhe dekhkar muskura rahi thi. unhone hamara bahut achaa welcome kiya. mai lambi safar karne ke karan bahut thak gaya tha. so mai thoda aram karna chahta tha. maine bhabhi se kaha mai aram karna chahta hu. tab bhabhi boli pehle ja kar naha lo to achii nind ayegi. mai kaha thik hai. aur mai towel le kar bathroom ki oor gaya par bathroom me koi gaya hua tha. to bhabhi ne kaha tm meri bathroom.

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