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Maria Cristina got her bag and left to go visit her mom as she usually did, and I grabbed an overnight bag, kissed Kara and the girls goodbye, then le...t the house, got into my BMW, and headed for Oak Park.“Hi!” Natalie exclaimed when she opened the door to the house. “Come in!”“Hi!” I replied, and walked into the house.“Nicole is upstairs in her room; it’s the first door on the left. I’m going to spend the night with Jack. See you tomorrow, if you’re here when I get home!”“Have fun!”“You,. "I'm not sure..." Oh come on b*o, we're two adults having some harmless fun, promise me we'll do this again soon!" OK, OK. I promise we'll do it again soon." I replied."Great." She said, standing up, "I've been getting so horny without a cock to help me. I'm off for a shower to clean up, sleep well b*o." With that she gave me a quick peck on the lips and left."sleep well s*s."************************** **************************I woke up the next morning with a hint of a hangover, my cock. He closed the bathroom door behind him, pulled off his clothes and stepped into the shower and washed the mud and muck off him and as he washed he still couldn't believe what was happening. He completed his ablutions and then his bemusement went off the scale when he emerged from the bathroom wrapped in the towel expecting to find the clothes that Missy had promised. Instead he found Missy laying on the bed on her tummy clad in just her 'underwears' (but no stockings) and Jimmy half-undressed. Fill me up, shove it in as deep as you can, this feels so delicious!”Mallory and I fucked twice more that night, and the next morning as I was walking out the door, Mallory called out, “I feel so decadent letting you cum in my married cunt.” Clearly Mallory had a thing for the forbidden or at least those things society frowned upon.A few days later we again found ourselves in her bed. After a vigorous round of fucking, we were talking about our lives. I asked her about her graduate studies and.

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