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Although I was covered from thigh to shoulder with a collection of angry looking stripes, none of them had been applied with enough force to break She’d been careful, holding back as always, never once losing control.She gave me a hard look at that, knowing what I was thinking, a warning in her eyes not to go any further."Maybe next time…?" As soon as the words rolled off my tongue, I knew it had been a mistake. Fortunately, she chose to ignore my remark, simply running the tip of one. .. I don’t know.” She conceded helplessly.Sarah poked her in the ribs. “Maybe you’d like to go to the changing rooms and try a couple on.” She suggested malevolently.“Why don’t you just fuck off?” Nicole growled between clenched teeth.“I’d recommend this model.” the shop assistant told her briskly. “It has adjustable straps, it’s a good make and, although a little more expensive than some of the others, it does have...”“We’ll take it!” Nicole yipped, cutting the girl off in full cry.“Are you. I’m at my neighbours while they’re on holiday and I’ve got daughter’s knicker drawer open and my knob in my hand. The only sound is the slap slap slap of my wet foreskin as I beat it back and forwards (actually so far true ?)Then… I hear something behind me. I look round and Hannah is there, just come home from college. I’d assumed she was on holiday with her parents but obviously not. What are you doing? she said, you shouldn’t be doing that…I turn round, continuing to wank. Your tits are. Let me digress. Months earlier, Dot and Ted returned to Germany. He had been reassigned back to an Air Force base in Dots country of birth. They had met the first time he was assigned there near Wiesbaden. Returning ten years later their group of friends were mostly American military and government civilian employees working at Ramstein Airbase. With no government quarters available when they arrived Dot and Ted rented an apartment in the local community. As it happened, another Air Force.

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