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They walked up a cement path and entered the main house through a side door, which led into the kitchen.A Hispanic woman of about thirty greeted them....She was dressed in blue jeans and a long T-shirt. She smiled when she saw Mindy enter."Carmella, this is Jake Kingsley," Mindy said to her. "The one I told you about." Welcome, Mr. Kingsley," Carmella said with a heavy Spanish accent. "I understand you are famous musician. Do you know Carlos?" Carlos?" Jake asked."Carlos Santana," she said. "He. Then sharmila introduced me to the girls. One of the girls asked me about my bra size. I felt shy and awkward at such a question. Grasping the opportunity another girl squeezed my breasts and said“Wow, they feel wonderful”. All other girls asked me to take of my nightie. I was helpless and I had obey there order, and take off my nightie. I was wearing pink color bra and panties which were very suitable for my color. Sharmila asked me to take off my bra. I refused but one girl pulled my bra and. Back in the car I told her I couldn’t believe what she’d just down and that I really loved the new you. “don’t get used to it” was the warning. Onwards through Belcoo and across the border and the roads became a little more twisty but eventually we arrived at the long drive leading to the stunning Kilronan Castle.After check-in we went up to our room. We’d got a good price, so I had gone a little extra and paid to have a room in the main castle, complete with massive four poster bed. Marina was. ”“I see,” replied the owner calmly. “In that case, your drinks are on the house. Now I have to ask you to leave the premises once you have finished them. No one dictates personnel decisions to me. Sarah has been with us for over two years and she’s one of our best waitresses.”“You’re asking us to leave?” repeated an incredulous James. “Have you lost your mind? I spent more on my clothes last year than that little bitch will ever make. I demand an apology!”“And I’m asking you to leave this.

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