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But I could make out that she has huge hairs there. I could see her pubic mound with many hairs.He started licking her chut, but Chachi could not any longer. Her body was getting shocking sensations, and she was jerking with every lickChachi: Jaan! (Not able to control) Enough I am not able to handle it. (He was still licking). Jaan! Aah, enough, I want your lund in my chut, please jaan fuck me. Put your fat lund inside me. I want to feel it now, please.Listening to this, Chacha got up,. As they approached she realized he was not alone. If he were even with them, she thought, and the thought terrified her. She began to tremble and sweat poured from her skin.Hands grabbed her ankles at the same time. Rough, masculine hands on her right ankle, softer feminine hands on her left. They attached cuffs quickly, as if they had done it before, and fastened her legs spread several inches wider than her shoulders. She listened to them breathing. She smelled a woman's perfume... was. I sucked them for a while before they both came in my mouth and I swallowed their salty, thick jizz. Once they left the room, Shawn told me to clean up in the bathroom down the hall and to dress. I did and soon we were back down in the living room with the rest of the party once again. I looked at his watch and it was 3am, so I asked him if it was time to go. “We’ll go when I say it’s time to go.” he told me adamantly and then handed me a vial of coke from his pocket and told me to go sit in. It was a good thing we did, as we all saw Dad ... DAD lean in and kiss Gracey. I also noticed that he was not tucked into the corner of the couch, but more toward the middle, with Mom curled into his right side like Carol was last night. Even from here, I could see Mom’s left breast reasonably well through her dress shirt. I thought, “Were the translucent shirts that the two women were wearing a ploy concocted by Mom to elevate Dad’s libido? He seems ... umm ... more carefree with the show.

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